Award-Winning STEM Toys for Kids
STEM:Science – Technology – Engineering – Maths
Coding ~ Electronics ~ Engineering ~ Science
The 21st Century focus. For young leaders of the future

Our STEM Toys

What engages kids outside school? Toys, of course.


Why STEM Toys?

STEM science toys (Coding for kids, Science toys, Electronics & Engineering toys) provide experiential & explorative learning (generally a ‘right-brained’ activity) to anchor class-room learning from books (generally a ‘left-brained’ activity).

And we all aspire to have a well Balanced Child.

STEM toys encourage children to explore the world around them. They develop skills in problem-solving, designing and building. STEM learning is most effective when it happens both in & outside school.

Is there a future scientist, engineer, mathematician or global leader in your family? We are proud to bring you this specially selected range of STEM toys because they have clear goals, and encourage kids to acquire all-important STEM skills while having fun.


What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

The focus of STEM learning is the relationship between these four subjects. STEM-thinking is based on the need to identify real-world needs and their solutions, with a problem-solving approach. This is particularly important for the rapidly evolving world we live in, with a huge impact on economies and the work force of the future.

World leaders believe that Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths are the way forward in the 21st Century.
OECD: The Future of Education & Skills
Engineering for Kids: Why is STEM Education so Important?
Science Centre Singapore: Innovative STEM Learning

Why it works

Maths & Science often cause anxiety in children, and even with their parents at times. As a result many children take to other learning pursuits in their teens, to get away from their discomfort with these subjects. In many cases this is needless. If handled with thought and care in the early years, most children grow to be at ease with these subjects. As a result they learn to view them as important life skills.

Specially relevant is the key role parents play in their children’s success. Most of all, it takes only a half-hour of ‘Funwork‘ a day with our STEM toys to keep school blues and homework at bay.


Our Award-winning STEM Science Toys

To provide a balanced learning foundation, TheBalancedChild presents a specially selected range of STEM toys: Coding for Kids, Science Toys, Electronic Science & Mechanics / Engineering Toys.

US Awards:
• Parents’ Choice Gold Awards
• Parents’ Choice Best 25 Toys
• Teachers Choice Awards
• Purdue University Engineering Gift Guide
• Creative Child Game of the Year
• Toys Bulletin Best
• Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products
• Oppenheim Platinum Award Winner

Secure your child’s future
Award-winning kids STEM Science toys from TheBalancedChild



“Excellent resources. The STEM Toys work for our advanced children, but also for those who need a ‘little extra boost’.
We’ll be back next year.”  ~ ‘Gifted & Talented’ Teacher, NSW, Aug 2016

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