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“To enable every child to build a strong and balanced foundation in life skills, with self-esteem & confidence in their own abilities.”

STEM Science

STEM:  Science ~ Tech ~ Eng ~ Maths

STEM is now universally recognised by educators and leaders worldwide as critically important to a balanced learning foundation for children, in particular those in Primary School.

TheBalancedChild presents a specially selected range of creative STEM toys that include Coding, Electronic Science, Mechanical Science, Science and Maths, to augment classroom learning with experiential learning.

Maths and Science are disciplines that commonly generate anxiety among children, often even among their parents. Many children divert to other learning pursuits in their teens, needlessly in many cases, simply to get away from their discomfort with these subjects. But if handled with thought and care, particularly in the early learning years, most children grow to be at ease with these subjects, viewing them as indispensable skills for everyday life.

Parents have a key role to play in their children’s success. It takes only an additional half-hour of ‘Funwork’ a day to keep school blues at bay – and create leaders of the future.

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