AIR & WATER POWER | Science Experiments for Kids | Age 8+


Award-winning STEM Science kit. Discover the power of water and how to harness it for renewable energy.
• For start-up Scientists. Age 8+
• Construct 15 models powered by air and water
• Everything you need to build water-jet propelled cars and hydro-pneumatic engines.

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AIR and WATER POWER – Science Experiments for Kids

AIR and WATER POWER – Science Experiments for Kids
By Thames & Kosmos, USA

STEM: Science-Tech-Eng-Maths
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STEM Science

AIR and WATER POWER: Our children are gifted with the power to invent and achieve amazing technological feats. It’s through creative play that they learn how to exploit these skills.

Ever mused over how a simple foot-brake can bring a heavy car to a stop from speed? Ever wondered how a little lever can raise and lower an office chair? Or maybe you‘ve asked yourself how a bull-dozer or excavator can move such gigantic mounds of earth. Behind all of them is ‘hydro-pneumatic’ power, which combines the power of both hydraulic (liquid) and pneumatic (gas) systems.

‘Pneumatics’ and ‘Hydraulics’ are very closely connected, but may be unfamiliar words to many. Where do these words come from? The ‘pneu’ part of the word is connected with the Latin word for air. And the ‘hydrau’ part of the word is connected with the Latin ‘hydro’ word for water.

This AIR and WATER POWER kit helps you understand how moving air trapped inside something (e.g. a balloon), or moving water trapped inside something (e.g. a syringe) can have such strong forces.

There is tremendous energy both in moving air and in moving water. Moving air has been used for many purposes, e.g. in windmills for grinding corn or making electricity. Moving water is used in hydro-electric power stations to make electricity.

There is also huge energy in the ocean – both in tides and waves – and research is being done to see if moving water in the ocean can provide electricity. Trapped air and water can also produce great forces. Air brakes on buses and trucks, and drills for breaking up roads, are examples of pneumatics. Hydraulics (using trapped liquids) is used in many heavy machines because of their huge strength, e.g. bulldozers, forklifts and hydraulic brakes.

Thames & Kosmos AIR & WATER POWER - STEM Science Engineering Toys

With these Thames & Kosmos AIR and WATER POWER – Science Experiments for Kids, build your own models powered by air and water pressure. These unique science experiments for kids allow you to build two different air-and-water-powered systems: water-jet propelled cars and hydro-pneumo powered engines (which simply means air pressure and water pressure).

Construct 15 models including a truck, excavator, radar car, tank, antique car, helicopter, motorbike, backhoe, rocket car, forklift, roadster, propeller plane, grinder, and cutting machine. The water-jet propelled cars are a fun outdoor activity, while the self-contained hydro-pneumo powered models can be used both indoors and out. Compete with your friends to see whose scientific toys with a water-jet propelled car and a hydro-pneumo car goes the fastest!

The 48-page colour instruction book shows the step-by-step assembly of each model and related principles so you learn about the laws of physics through play.

Thames & Kosmos AIR & WATER POWER - STEM Science Engineering ToysFeatures
• The electric motor is made of transparent plastic, to view inside the components.
• Set up the motor to run on battery power and learn how a motor works.
• Reconfigure the device to work in reverse as a hand-crank electric generator.
• Science experiments for kids with to learn about the force of air and water.

Experiment Manual: Click here

The Kit Includes:
• 15 models to construct: air-based & water-based power systems
• 165 building pieces
• 48 page colour instruction booklet
The building pieces included in this set are compatible with the Thames & Kosmos Hydropower kit.

Learn about:
• Air pressure
• Water pressure
• Hydro-pneumo power
• Forces
• Construction

Age 8+.
Box Dimensions: 37 x 29 x 8 cm
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

AIR and WATER POWER – Science Experiments for Kids