Anyone Can Code – Even Kids

Anyone can learn to code – children in particular.

The last people you would expect: 2 remarkable computer coders surfaced at the recent Apple WWDC (World-Wide Developers’ Conference) held recently in California.

Yuma Soerianto - Coding for Kids

10-year old from Australia
Yuma Soerianto from Melbourne started coding at age 6 through online courses on and from Stanford University that he found on Apple iTunes U. In 4 years, he has created 4 Apple apps including Weather Duck, a weather app for kids. Invited to WWDC, where Apple CEO Tim Cook awarded him an Apple scholarship, he created another app during the 20-hour flight to California! Click here for more on this story.


Anyone can code

82-year old Japanese Grandma
At the opposite end of the spectrum was Masako Wakamiya. She first started using computers at 60, and took online tutorials to learn how to write software code. Frustrated by the lack of mobile games for the elderly, who have a tougher time keeping up with the action-packed games for young people, she created a computer game of her own. Click here for more on this story.


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