Coding for Kids

Anyone Can Code – Even Kids

Anyone can learn to code – children in particular. The last people you would expect: 2 remarkable computer coders surfaced at the recent Apple WWDC (World-Wide Developers’ Conference) held recently in California. 10-year old from AustraliaYuma Soerianto from Melbourne started coding at age 6 through online courses on and from Stanford University that he found on Apple iTunes U. In 4 years, he has created 4 Apple apps including …

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Salt Water Sports Car

The Electric Sports Car That Runs On Salt Water

(This article has been simplified for young children) When a recent startup called NanoFlowcell introduced the Quantino at the Geneva auto show, the company’s concept sports car caught the interest of the tech world. It is based on an ‘alternative energy’ system that runs on salt water. The car has been approved for use on European roads, and gets its power from a simple sounding alternative energy system. It has …

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