Electronics for kids – For Undiscovered Geniuses!

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Electronics is the science of controlling electrical energy & circuits, made up of components that control the flow of electricity. It enables us to design and use electronic devices, computers & chips. Electronics is a part of physics and electrical engineering.


Adults read the instructions before they turn on a new gadget. Kids just take it all for granted, turn it on, and click the buttons before working out what it’s all about! That’s wonderful, but wouldn’t it be even more so if they figured out themselves – “Aha! that’s why!”

Our fun Electronics for kids help them make the most of technology, and have heaps of fun DOING it. Electronics games for kids can be a great way to introduce your children to basic electronics and electric fundamentals, from the wonder of holograms (click for more) to the magic of physics (click for more).

They won’t be kids forever. When they decide on careers, they’ll have to compete in an arena with other young adults who are tech savvy. How many typists do you see in the workplace these days, or typewriter repairmen, or switchboard operators for that matter? Understanding how to use emerging technologies is a key advantage in the workplace. That won’t be changing any time soon. The more comfortable your kids are with technology today, the better equipped they’ll be to function in the world of tomorrow.

Our fun electronics games for kids are selected from an award-winning selection of STEM Toys from Thames & Kosmos, the global leader in imaginative toys for kids of all ages.

Electronics toys for kids – For the Leaders of tomorrow – Give your child a Head-Start.