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Engineering & Mechanics most of all relate to the design and build of machines & structures.

Because children are natural engineers, they enjoy building things and taking them apart to see how they work.


Ever mused over how a robot balances on a ‘high-wire’ on one wheel? Or how machines make work easier? The principles of Mechanics & Engineering are at the core of these abilities.

Our specially selected Engineering Toys for kids help them make the most of the technology of the future.

Children find several positive benefits when they ‘engineer’ in a self-discovery setting because:
• First of all they build science and maths skills
• Equally relevant, they learn in an environment that is removed from gender bias because it is based on exploration and outcomes
• In addition, they are also removed from the stigma of failure; failure becomes an important part of the problem-solving & exploration process
• Finally they learn there’s no single ‘right’ answer in engineering; one problem can have many solutions.

Our Engineering Toys, Robotics and Mechanics toys for kids are specially selected to help them develop their ability to make the most of the technology of the future. Furthermore they introduce children to the wonders of ‘Mechatronics’, AI (Artificial Intelligence) (click for more) and wonder material like Graphene (click for more). And consequently have heaps of fun in the process!

Our Engineering toys for kids are selected from an award-winning selection of STEM Toys from Thames & Kosmos, the global leader in imaginative toys for kids of all ages.

ENGINEERING toys for kids – Give your child a Head-Start.