PROGRAMMING for Kids | Age 5-15

FOR UNDISCOVERED GENIUSES!  Kids as young as 5 can code!


Coding STEM Toys are a great resource to teach programming for kids, the ‘new literacy’ of the 21st Century. Coding or Programming basically tells a computer or app what you want it to do.

Learn to Code – Code to Learn
Our Coding games for kids help them build programming & logic skills.


Why kids should learn to code

Computer coding for children teaches a fundamental skill that children need to learn so they can excel in other areas like maths and science, with enormous benefits:

Confidence: it is first of all very empowering for children to invent and create workable solutions, and in the process discover latent abilities hidden deep down,
Creativity: in addition, with kids coding languages, they learn to improvise, innovate and invent projects that can do amazing things, often startling themselves,
Innovation: from a 10-year-old awarded for creating numerous apps including an iPhone weather app for kids (click here), to a 9-year old Melbourne kid awarded for a miniature piano that fits inside a pocket (click here).
Logic: furthermore coding for kids teach fundamental thinking skills like sequencing, loops, and conditionals – concepts that are used in everyday life.

Our kids coding program provides all of the above.

Our STEM Toys that teach programming for kids are selected from an award-winning selection of STEM Toys from Thinkfun of USA, a global leader in coding for kids of all ages.

You can find more info on STEM toys here:

Coding for children – Best coding toys for young Leaders of tomorrow.