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GOOGLE’s head of research thinks that many of the jobs 20 years from now do not yet exist. There’s little we can do now to train for what we cannot foresee. What we can do is to be flexible and have an ability to learn new things and keep ahead of machines. Which means getting comfortable with AI (Artificial Intelligence), automation and related disciplines.

Thinkfun CodeMaster Coding for KidsFor our kids now it means learning with a strong STEM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) and Coding in particular.

Experts say that Coding, a key element of AI, will become the everyday language of the future, and will be commonplace at all levels of the education system. Even children as young as 5 will be coding! (See our blog: ‘Any Kid Can Code).

Jobs of the future will fall into one of 3 categories, according to Deloitte Consulting:
1. People who work FOR machines (eg. operators & professionals who work to a schedule)
2. People who work WITH machines (eg. surgeons who use machines to help with diagnosis)
3. People who work ON the machines (eg. designers and programmers)

The last of these 3, in particular those with an AI focus will be in greatest demand in future. According to the US based Institute for the Future, human-machine teams will combine the lightning-fast speed and accuracy of AI with instinctive human skills such as intuition, judgment and emotional intelligence.

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