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Is there a future Scientist or Engineer in your family? Experts believe that learning Science, Technology, Engineering & Math is the way forward in the 21st Century. Children learn problem-solving and create innovative solutions for the world ahead with ‘smart toys’ for kids activities.

Our STEM Science toys and games are from select ‘high value’ educational toy companies that specialise in products for boys and girls, and stand out from the numerous products available in the market. Award-winning, and top products on Amazon.

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The importance of STEM:
Underlying STEM-thinking is the need to identify real-world needs and problems and their solutions. It is particularly important for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the rapidly evolving world we live in. Furthermore, it has implications for economies and the workforce of the future.

Why STEM games for kids?
School Holiday activities encourage them to explore the world around them, and consequently develop skills in problem-solving, designing and building.

In addition, STEM learning is most effective when it happens both in and outside school. And what engages kids activities outside school? TOYS, of course.

We are proud to bring you this specially selected range of scientific toys because they have clear goals, and encourage kids to acquire all-important STEM skills while having fun.

Our STEM Science Toys and Games
Thames & Kosmos is a global leader in science kits for children of all ages that cover biology, physics, chemistry and alternative energy. The company emphasises teaching real-world issues, STEM topics, and practical skills through hands-on experimentation. They are a major educational toys supplier on Amazon.

ThinkFun is a global leader in coding and programming toys for boys and girls of all ages. The company’s mission is to “translate the brilliant ideas of the craziest mathematicians, engineers and inventors into simple toys that can be appreciated by boys and girls around the world.” Thinkfun is another major educational toys supplier on Amazon.

Creative Educational Aids produces educational toys and board games with fun learning at its core. They aim to help children develop basic ‘life’ skills in their early years, with maths as a focus.

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We provide 3-day Free Shipping in Singapore on all our products. We also offer a Money-back guarantee.

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STEM toys for kids activities – For young Leaders of tomorrow.