Coding for Kids

Anyone Can Code – Even Kids

Anyone can learn to code – children in particular. The last people you would expect: 2 remarkable computer coders surfaced at the recent Apple WWDC (World-Wide Developers’ Conference) held recently in California. 10-year old from AustraliaYuma Soerianto from Melbourne started coding at age 6 through online courses on and from Stanford University that he found on Apple iTunes U. In 4 years, he has created 4 Apple apps including …

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AI Robot-Human Interface

AI (Artificial Intelligence) – So What’s All The Fuss About?

(This article has been simplified for young children) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer Science-Fiction. It’s not just for scientists and advanced computer programmers – even school kids are getting into it now. It is already in our daily livesGoogle’s driverless car Waymo, Apple’s ‘Siri’ speech recognition, IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’ computer beating Russian chess master Garry Kasparov, medical diagnostics, picking complex customer orders in Amazon’s giant warehouses …. the list …

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The Wonder of HOLOGRAMS 1

The Wonder of HOLOGRAMS

(This article has been simplified for young children) HOLOGRAMS – STEM Science for budding young scientists. The HOLOGRAM in this video is a 3-dimensional photographic recording of a field of light that is projected by laser beams that ‘bounce’ off each other, quite different from a real image seen by a lens like the human eye. The photographic ‘trick’ records the image that is formed when different coloured laser lights …

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