201106 earth upside down

Is the ‘Roof’ of the Earth really North?

(This article has been simplified for young children) Turns out it really depends on culture, history and even religion – not so much on science! Imagine looking at Earth from space. The world’s not necessarily ‘this’ way up – it may not be the North Pole. As far as astronomers can tell, there really is no ‘up’ or ‘down’ in space. Which way is earth facing? Humans have a long …

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The Spinning Earth

If The Earth Is Spinning at Supersonic Speed Why Don’t We Feel It ?

(This article has been simplified for young children) The Spinning Earth Did you know that the Earth spins at about 1,600 kilometres an hour? That’s supersonic, about 3 times faster than a flying jet plane. That’s how fast the Earth has to turn to make a complete rotation every day. So why don’t we feel it, or feel giddy, or queasy? After all our stomachs get queasy even when we …

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