Nanotechnology: Vantablack the world's darkest material 1

Nanotechnology: Vantablack the world’s darkest material

(This article has been simplified for young children) Is there anything blacker than black?! Science is advancing in fast and fun ways, helped by developments in computers, nanotechnology, science and engineering. And what we thought was science fiction is becoming real. One frontier of science is Nanotechnology. ‘Nano’ comes from the Greek word for ‘dwarf’, and means one-billionth. The science of the very, very tiny! Nanotechnology is therefore science and …

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GRAPHENE the wonder material

(This article has been simplified for young children) GRAPHENE is thought to be the new ‘miracle material’. It is unbreakable, tougher than diamond, but stretchable like rubber, and can carry electric charges far faster than currently used materials. Yet, it is only about a 1-atom thick sheet of graphite, a form of carbon. To get a sense of how thin that is, aluminium foil is thousands of atoms thick! It was …

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