More kind words from Parents and Teachers:

“We have two children wired so totally differently. One child seemed to be coping well in school while the other, an equally bright child, struggled. We now understand the left ‘brain – right brain dilemma’, and are glad we’ve finally found a workable approach for it with your resources. A very heartfelt thank you from two very relieved parents!”
~ Ian W, parent, QLD, Jan 2014

“Instead of showering my children with gifts for every occasion – birthdays, Christmas and holidays – I chose to invest in their future with TheBalancedChild resources from year to year. What a difference it’s made! They won’t remember the toys I could have given them as children, but they’ll remember the day they attend university with confidence, or go anywhere in the world to follow their dreams. Thank you!”
~ Janice J, parent, SA, March 2015

“It looks like the books have hit the spot. The gifted student I talked about is finally being extended, and has also taken a fancy to the Gems of Success series. The other teachers indicate that they also find the books useful for students who need extra help, starting a level or 2 down. Many thanks, and we will be in touch once we see this ‘experiment’ through.”
~ Coordinator, ‘Gifted and Talented’ program, WA, June 2013

“Thank you! Finally, after persisting 3 years with your Singapore books, we have just received confirmation that our son has been offered an academic scholarship to a top private school. We’re confident that he’ll do well in the coming years with the help of your ‘program’. The only suggestion we have is that you start to carry more secondary school books by the time he gets to that stage.”
~ Brian C, parent, VIC, August 2016

“We cannot but be impressed by the continued top international ratings of the Maths, Science and even English education in Singapore, as well as the Singapore books. We had first-hand experience during our recent visit there, and it just re-affirms our decision last year to invest in the books you offer. Particularly interesting is the new direction in teaching Science to combined year-levels – just the kind of flexibility that we have wanted for our own children. Thank you for making these resources available in Australia, and for keeping current with curriculum developments in Singapore.”
~ Coordinator, ‘Gifted & Talented’ program, VIC, December 2014

“We just had to let you know that after 2 years with your resources the children’s results have shown so much improvement that they’re now no longer ‘laggards’ in class. We realise now that it wasn’t the children’s innate ability, but the way their minds worked, and your books met our children’s different learning styles. Their teachers have asked to be put in touch with you.”
~ James L, parent, TAS, January 2013

“If you are serious about your child’s education, this is a must buy. I have been looking for workbooks for my children after we stopped Kumon ($100 a subject per child per month is a bit too much for me). I am very pleased to find TheBalancedChild, since I don’t think my kids receive enough education (in depth) at school. TheBalancedChild workbooks offer excellent additional learning whether your child needs extra help or is advanced.”
~ Cindy F, parent, QLD, November 2011

“These books are a must have for extending what a child learns at school. Content is well organised, well explained and complimented by hundreds of exciting, interesting questions providing ample opportunities for the child to apply the new strategies and problem solving skills.

I have been returning to TheBalancedChild for three years now. The books have undoubtedly helped my daughter to better herself academically on a daily basis. Her school allows her to work on tasks from these books during schools hours as she consistently finishes her school tasks before the others in her class now.

I should also mention that Cherian is a pleasure to deal with. The advice, support and customer service provided is superb. I have nothing but accolades for Cherian and TheBalancedChild. I will keep coming back. Thank you so very much!
~ Prabhat S, parent, VIC, Jan 2015

“Standout resources! We’re discovering that the workbooks and STEM Toys are not just for our advanced children, but work just as well for those who need a ‘little extra boost’. We look forward to coming back for more next year.” 
~ Teacher, ‘Gifted & Talented’ program, NSW, Aug 2016

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