STEM Science

Kind words from Parents and Teachers:

“We have two children wired so totally differently. One child seemed to be coping well in school while the other, an equally bright child, struggled. We now understand the left ‘brain – right brain dilemma’, and are glad we’ve finally found a workable approach for it with your resources. A very heartfelt thank you from two very relieved parents!”
~ Ian W, parent, Jan 2018


“Instead of showering my children with gifts for every occasion – birthdays, Christmas and holidays – I chose to invest in their future with TheBalancedChild resources from year to year. What a difference it’s made! They won’t remember the toys I could have given them as children, but they’ll remember the day they attend university with confidence, or go anywhere in the world to follow their dreams. Thank you!”
~ Janice T, parent, March 2019


“It looks like your resources have hit the spot. The gifted student I talked about is finally being extended. The other teachers indicate that they also find the STEM toys useful for students who need extra help. Many thanks, and we will be in touch once we see this ‘experiment’ through.”
~ YTC, teacher ‘Enrichment program, June 2018


“We just had to let you know that after 2 years with your toys the children’s results have shown so much improvement that they’re now no longer ‘laggards’ in class. We realise now that it wasn’t the children’s innate ability, but the way their minds worked, and your resources met our children’s different learning styles. Their teachers have asked to be put in touch with you.”
~ James LCH, parent,  January 2018


I have been returning to TheBalancedChild for a couple of years now. The resources have undoubtedly helped my daughter to better herself academically. I should also mention that the advice, support and customer service provided by you is superb. I have nothing but accolades for TheBalancedChild, and am happy to provide this testimonial. I will keep coming back. Thank you so very much!
~ Prabhat S, parent, Jan 2019


“Standout resources! We’re discovering that the STEM Toys are not just for our advanced children, but work just as well for those who need a ‘little extra boost’. We look forward to coming back for more next year.”  What a way to spend the ‘lockdown’.
~ Teacher,  Enrichment program, Apr 2020


Why STEM Toys

STEM  –  ‘Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths’

Experts predict 75% of the fastest growing future occupations will require STEM skills

Educators and thinkers worldwide agree that the way forward in the 21st Century is the core disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – aka ‘STEM’.


What is STEM?
The focus of STEM learning is the inter-relationship between Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in a practical way. Underlying STEM-thinking is the need to identify real-world needs and their solutions, with a focus on problem solving. This is particularly required for the rapidly evolving world we live in and the direction it takes, and it has implications for economies and the workforce of the future.

Yesterday it was Apple and the iPhone, with solutions for a need we didn’t know existed. Tomorrow?

The founders of the well-known ‘tech companies’ were in their teens or 20s when they started the businesses that made their fortunes. But even by the standards of Steve Jobs (Apple), Sergei Brin & Larry Page (Google), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Bill Gates (Microsoft), the innovators of just the next 10 years are still in primary school now.


Why STEM Toys
STEM toys encourage children to explore the world around them, and develop skills in problem-solving, designing and building.

STEM learning is most effective when it happens both in and outside school. And what engages kids outside school? TOYS, of course.

Is there a future scientist, engineer, mathematician or global leader in your family? We are proud to bring you this specially selected range of STEM toys because they have clear goals, and encourage kids to acquire all-important STEM skills while having fun.


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